Becoming a Senior Java Engineer

Java is the one of the hottest skill in current job market. And hence lots and lots of aspiring software professional want to learn java. Through this post I want to discuss the tools, technologies and concepts that are required … Continue reading

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Introduction to Extreme Programming aka XP

Extreme Programming or XP is an agile methodology applied on the software development process to produce high quality software in simple and efficient way. Principles of XP XP is based on 4 basic ideas or principles. Communication. Simplicity Feedback Courage … Continue reading

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Weblog4j wishes Happy New Year

To Dear Readers, Weblog4j wishes all its reader Happy New Year. It has been a humble start for weblog4j.  We managed to 12 great post 3 posts promoted on dzone. Some of the posts cited as reference on some sites. … Continue reading

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Aspect Oriented Programming with Spring

Introduction In an ideal Object Oriented System, we would want to design each object to perform one specific task. However apart from performing its main task the objects also performs passive task like logging, transactions, security, caching etc. These passive … Continue reading

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MIME Explained

Sometime it happens that we use or refer to a software term or technology a lot of time without being very familiar with it. MIME is one of those terms for me. We use MIME standards to exchange messages between … Continue reading

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Introduction to Apache Camel

Apache Camel is a open source implementation of famous Enterprise Integration Patterns.   Camel is a Routing and Mediation Engine and facilitates the developers to create routes and mediation rules in variety of Domain Specific language(DSL) such as java, Spring/XML, scala … Continue reading

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Java Tutorial on Neo4j – A Next Generation Graph Database

Neo4j is a Graph Database. A Graph database stores data in graph. Graphs have nodes which have one or more properties. The two nodes are connected by relationships. Relationships have one or more properties and helps in organizing the graphs. … Continue reading

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Searching made easy with Apache Lucene 4.3

Lucene is a Full Text Search Engine written in Java which can lend powerful search capabilities to any application. At heart of Lucene lies a file based Full Text Index. Lucene provides APIs to create this index and then add … Continue reading

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Simple Spring Memcached – Spring Caching Abstraction and Memcached

Caching remains the one of the most basic performance enhancing mechanism in any read heavy database application. Spring 3.1 release came up with a cool new feature called Cache Abstraction. Spring Cache Abstraction provides the application developers an easy, transparent and … Continue reading

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Amazon SQS – Listening To SQS Using Apache Camel The Spring DSL Way

In my previous post Amazon SQS – Listening to amazon SQS queue using Apache Camel we saw how we can leverage Apache Camel to listen to a Amazon SQS queue. The example we created was simple one. We used Java … Continue reading

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