Updating WordPress Application Installed on Godaddy

Currently weblog4j gets anywhere between 50 to 100 page views a day. This is a low number but I am not worried very much as I have only 12 posts to my credit and few of them really suck. But inspite of this I, as any good ol blogger, am obsessed with the traffic. So I decided to leverage the social media to boost up my traffic. As the first step I did some research and decided to install the “Simple Facebook Connect” plugin. I dutifully created a facebook app, saved the secret key and app id in my local system. And installed the plugin. But as soon as I activated the plugin I got an error/warning message



To give some background weblog4j.com is a wordpress application hosted on godaddy and it was installed using the automatic application install feature in godaddy. It runs on twenty ten theme which was modified a bit to give the site its current front-end.

As per above warning I had to upgrade my wordpress from 3.0 to 3.5.1, to give me the  chance to use the facebook plugin. I did not had any local set up and hence no code base to test the latest wordpress and finally push the files on to the hosting server. This was a scary situation. I had no way to verify if the the latest release would be successful. To compound the problem I saw few posts which told that any twenty ten changes would be lost in case of update.  So bottomline was that I was about to release an untested software directly on a production system just using few clicks of mouse.  With lot of thinking I decided to go ahead with the upgrade and here are my release steps.

1. Backup database

I installed a plugin called “WP-DBManager“.  Once you install the wp-dbmanager and activate it you will get a warning   Your backup folder MIGHT be visible to the public

To correct this issue, move the .htaccess file from wp-content/plugins/wp-dbmanager to /home/websitename/public_html/wp-content/backup-db

to fix this simply ssh to your account and run the following command

mv -i /html/wp-content/plugins/wp-dbmanager/htaccess.txt /html/wp-content/backup-db/.htaccess

this command will copy htaccess.txt from /html/wp-content/plugins/wp-dbmanager/ and move it to /html/wp-content/backup-db and rename it to .htaccess


Once this error is fixed login to your wordpress admin console. Look at database listed in


Backup your db and download the zip file saved in  /html/wp-content/backup-db folder. You can use any FTP client for this purpose.

2. Backup files

It is very important to backup your files as they may be overwritten during upgrade process. Godaddy saves your files in history but still to be on safer side you can archive the files and download to your computer. Here is how it all works.

  • Login in to your Godaddyconsole and click on launch center of your blog.
  • Click on file manager in the console
  • select all the directories and files in your filemanager and click on archive link
    archiving on godaddy

    archiving on godaddy

  • If your site size is more that 20 MB then you will have to archive the files into chunks.
  • Now open any FTP client of your choice. Create a FTP connection with your godaddy server.
  • The host name would be IPAdress of the server in lower part of right rail of your launch center.


  • The username password is same as your wordpress admin user you set up during install of wordpress.
  • Save the archives in your laptop.

With Backup of file and database done you are ready to set sail. In case of problem you can simply roll back the files and database and your site will work as before. 

3. Set your site in maintenence mode

Download a plugin which allows to set your site for upgrade downtime. There are tons of them available. I use “Dashboard Maintenance Mode“. Set your site in maintenance mode and move on.

4. Deactivate plugins.

Deactivate all the plugins as per wordpress codex.


5. Update php

– As we saw that we need php 5.0 or later for the simple facebook connect to work. You can upgrade the php from your Godaddy launch centre. On the hosting console search for tool called “Programming Langauges”. Click on that and you will see the current php versions listed. Choose 5.3 which is latest on Godaddy and click on save.

6. Automatically update wordpress

– In your site admin go to dashboard -> updates. There click on automatic update which will install the latest wordpress. I avoided updating the theme as I had made changes to the theme files directly. So I just updated the plugins and wordpress version.

7. Enable all your plugins.

8. Disable the maintenance mode

and you are ready to rock and roll.

9. Finally do QA

on your blog to make sure that everything is working fine. It could be possible that some of your plugin may become incompatible, that you will have to fix on your own.

I updated my blog today to 3.5.1 and had no issue whatsoever. I am now able to use the Simple Facebook Connect plugin on my site and am excited to find out how it turns out.

Thats all folk, hope some of you will be benefited by this post. Don’t forget to show some comment luv, it will be greatly appreciated.

Till Then Good Bye and good luck

Niraj Singh

Leap Before you look. 🙂

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