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Aspect Oriented Programming with Spring

Introduction In an ideal Object Oriented System, we would want to design each object to perform one specific task. However apart from performing its main task the objects also performs passive task like logging, transactions, security, caching etc. These passive … Continue reading

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Introduction to Apache Camel

Apache Camel is a open source implementation of famous Enterprise Integration Patterns.¬† ¬†Camel is a Routing and Mediation Engine and facilitates the developers to create routes and mediation rules in variety of Domain Specific language(DSL) such as java, Spring/XML, scala … Continue reading

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Java Tutorial on Neo4j – A Next Generation Graph Database

Neo4j is a Graph Database. A Graph database stores data in graph. Graphs have nodes which have one or more properties. The two nodes are connected by relationships. Relationships have one or more properties and helps in organizing the graphs. … Continue reading

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